Visio 2007 For Dummies

Download Visio 2007 For Dummies here:

Reveal your inner business artist with Visio
Turn your ideas into diagrams and drawings with Visio’s stencils and templates
If you have an idea you want to get down on electronic paper, Visio 2007 is for you, and so is this book! They’re both flexible and user-friendly. Here’s how to use Visio to capture ideas from simple to intricate, update data in a drawing with a single click, add and manipulate text, work with connectors, and more.
Discover how to
Create business, engineering, software, or network diagrams
Format an entire drawing using themes
Analyze ‘what-if’ scenarios with PivotDiagrams
Produce layered multipage drawings
Save drawings to publish on the Web
EAN/ISBN : 9780470120651
Publisher(s): For Dummies
Discussed keywords: Visio 2007, Einführung
Format: ePub/PDF

Author(s): Mueller, John P. – Walkowski, Debbie

Download here:

visio 2007, einführung


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